Safe Community USA is a national, nonprofit organization that has taken upon itself the mandate to help citizens, schools and business be better prepared for a medical emergency.  Our programs have placed tens of thousands of hospital quality first aid kits in schools, homes, autos and businesses across the nation. 
FACT:  Without immediate access to the right first aid supplies in a medical emergency--lives could be lost!
We can help!
Safe Community USA is keenly aware that most first aid kits available to the general public are good for nothing more than treating small cuts and scratches.  In an emergency, CERT Team members will need much more than a cut and scratch first aid kit!
In an effort to be a resource to CERT Groups nationwide--Safe Community USA has consulted with emergency medical professionals including EMTs, fireman, paramedics & E.R. personnel to develop a first aid kit designed specifically for use by CERT trained individuals. 
The 'CERT First Aid Kit' is now being offered as a public service to CERT Team members.  We offer it at our cost—only $99.95 ($225 value). 
Make the most of this public service offer:
1.  Share this offer with anyone taking your classes.  Let us know when your classes are and we will send you flyers explaining the offer.
2.  Share this offer with those of your team that are already trained.  This could be done by email, in meetings or by newsletters. 
3.  In addition to helping your Team acquire life-saving first aid supplies--Safe Community USA will issue your CERT organization a check totaling $5/kit purchased that month!  This is our way of saying thank-you for all you do in your community.
We sincerely hope that our efforts will be of value to you and your CERT program.  
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